Price List Wedding

So you are planning for your Big DAY and you want to make it as special as you dreamed it always would be  Well I would love to have the opportunity to capture the memories that you so carefully planned.  The key to doing this is communication with the photographer!

I like to get as much information from the bride and groom as possible.  I call it the expectation check list:

Do you want romantic pictures and are willing to do alot of posing to capture them?  or do you prefer just capture the moment pictures and or "it is what it is"  images?

Do you like romantic or country? 

Do you want pictures of you preparing for wedding?  How many locations will be needed?

Of course we will get all of the wedding but sometimes there are very specific pictures you want taken - example Stepmom & Dad only with Bride.  Bride with friends that are not in wedding party?  The best way to make sure we achieve everything you want is to give the list prior to the wedding and tell the people prior to the wedding what you would like so they are available.

Have you been searching for your favorite pics and have examples of what they are?  Share them with me so we know what your likes and dislikes are.

Do you want random pictures from your wedding including your guest or do you just want to concentrate on the wedding party?

Are you a peron who gets overwhelmed looking at to many pictures of the same type of pose or would you rather have the opportunity to look at 5 somewhat similar poses and you pick what you like?

Do you want professional prints along with photo album?

Do you want photo album gifts such as for parents or wedding party?

Do you just want cd with photo release?

Do you want engagement photo to be included in package?

Do you want any pictures in black and white?

Do you have a specific place you want to travel between wedding and reception?

Do you have a limit time frame between wedding and reception?


Wedding Packages 


Bronze Package - $1000.00

2 Photographers / 6 hours / custom flash drive with pictures and custom photo box.  Limited time engagement session included.


Silver Package -  price $1,300.00

2 Photographers / Engagement session included / up to 8 hours of onsite photography / Beautiful personalized flash drive with all pictures on the drive.  Custom printed photo box/10 5/7 and  1 - 16x20  canvas print


Gold Package - starting price $1,650.00

2 Photographers / engagement photo session / up to 8 hours of onsite photography / Beautiful personalized flash drive with pictures on it.  Custom printed photo box with 10 5x7 prints / a 30 page photo album 8x8


Platinum - starting price $2,400

 2 Photographers / up to 10 hours of onsite photography / Beautiful personalized flash drive in custom printed photo box with 10 5x7 prints / (2) + 2 8x8 parent albums / 30 page photo album.


Referral Program - if you refer a couple to us and they book their wedding you will receive $50 when they put down a down payment and you will receive $50 when the wedding is completed. It is just that easy - If you have a wedding booked with us - we will happily apply the $100 credit toward your bill.  If you do not have a wedding scheduled we will just send you the money directly to you.